Using Oxy-fuel Gases Safely

Gas Safe Interactive has tailored this on-line safety training workshop to suit delegates who use oxy-fuel gases (oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane) for a variety of purposes; welding, cutting, burning etc.

The workshop is very competitively priced at just £54.50 + VAT per delegate, which includes a certificate of completion and comprehensive workbook. Discounts are available to organisations booking 10 delegates or more.

You may purchase up to 9 courses on-line using the ‘Buy On-line’ button. If you wish to purchase 10 courses or more, or if you do not wish to purchase on-line and wish to be invoiced instead, please either contact us by e-mail at or phone us during office hours on 01270 758890.

At the end of the interactive workshop participants will be able to:

  • Correctly identify gas cylinders
  • Recognise how different cylinders operate
  • Be aware of the hazards of asphyxia
  • Recognise the hazards posed by oxygen enrichment
  • Identify flammability hazards
  • Select the correct regulators
  • Recognise the need for flashback arrestors
  • Select the correct hoses, torch and nozzle
  • Recognise the hazards of using incorrect manual handling techniques
  • Re-assess storage facilities in line with current Legislation and Guidance Notes
  • Introduce safe working practices into their working environment

Please note this workshop is designed for users of oxy-fuel gases only, please click on the following link to view details of our on-line workshop specifically designed for users of other cylinder gases:

Using Compressed Cylinder Gases Safely (Non Oxy-fuel)

If you have previously completed our Using Oxy-fuel Gas Cylinders Safely Workshop and would like to refresh the training, please click here.

What our customers say

“All of our candidates found the interactive courses straight forward and easy to follow, including those that were not pc literate. The on-line courses have the added advantage that they can be taken as and when time allows, and at the candidates own pace. Being taken at the normal place of work, combined with the flexible time scale, also makes them very time and cost effective for the company.”

Patrick W.
Blackwater Aggregates